Choosing Your Size
Lacey’s Lookout Details

Lacey’s Lookout offers several options for you to choose from. You can choose from three sizes and two bed styles, along with four bed colors and three furniture finishes.

The footprint of the bolster
bed is different than the sleeping surface, so be sure to measure carefully! You can see below the choices and options to choose from.

Choose Size & Style


Pad 19.5"W x 27"D


Pad 42"W x 27"D    Bolster 30"W x 23"D
These are the sleeping surface dimensions. The footprint for both beds is 36"W x 27"D.


Pad 42"W x 27"D    Bolster 35"W x 23"D
These are the sleeping surface dimensions. The footprint for both beds is 42"W x 27"D.

The following measurements are the same for all sizes and styles:
Overall Depth of Lookout: 47”
(to help determine placement in your home)
Overall Platform Depth: 29.5”
Overall Step Depth: 19.5”
Step Surface Depth: 16”
Step Height: 12”
Platform Height: 26”
Distance from step to bed: 15”
Height of Lookout with Flat Pad: 29”
Height of Lookout with Bolster Bed: 33”

Choose Colors

Bed Color:

BlueNavy RedBerry HoneyHoney BrownChocolate

Wood Finish:

pale woodClear Finish regular woodUnfinished dark woodEspresso Finish

Detailed Product Information

Lacey's Lookout is the first-ever window seat furniture for dogs and cats. This exquisite window seat is beautifully designed for your living room, your bedroom, the family room, the kitchen - anywhere in your home that has an interesting window for your pets to look out of and entertain themselves. Lacey's Lookout gives your dog or cat a comfortable place of her own (not your furniture!) to hang out for hours watching the goings-on outside the window.


Lacey's Lookout comes with a luxurious bed designed for your pet's viewing comfort and pleasure. The small size comes with a rectangle pillow bed. The medium and large sizes come with either a rectangle pillow bed or a bolster couch. Lacey loves resting her head on the bolster to look out the window.

The microvelvet cover is soft, hard-wearing, easy to launder in the washing machine, and pets love it. The color is stable and won’t fade with washings and wear. The polyester micro-suede fabric is abrasion tested to 100,000 double rubs. It really is one of the most perfect fabrics to cover a pet bed. In between washings, clean-up is easy by spot-cleaning or by vacuuming.

The cushiony polyfil is made of recycled soda bottles, so it’s eco-friendly. Using recycled materials is becoming more common in creating polyfil, and it works well in pet beds. This particular polyfil is manufactured to be thicker and springier than traditional polyfil through a special bending process, therefore, it will keep its plush springiness for much longer than traditional polyfil. The baffled liners keep the polyfil from shifting and clumping, so it will stay even throughout the bed. It is recommended that the polyfil be spot-cleaned, not machine washed. You can put the polyfil in the dryer to fluff it up as needed.


The furniture is made of real wood and comes in 2 beautiful finishes - a natural wood color with a clear finish or an espresso color. You can also create your own color and finish by ordering the unfinished version.

The wood used in the furniture is Baltic birch plywood in 12mm and 18mm thickness. It is an imported plywood from eastern Europe that is commonly used in school products, children's furniture and commercial seating because of its high quality, strength, and multiple laminations. It is compliant with the California Air Resources Board requirements for low formaldehyde.

The finish for the natural clear and espresso colors is a US-manufactured waterless acrylic lacquer. It complies with the guidelines for children's toys for lead and seven other heavy metals.


Another unique aspect of Lacey's Lookout is the step. The step was designed specifically for the dog that doesn't like to use steps! (Ahem, Lacey). The step on Lacey's Lookout is BIG, by design and intention. Your dog will have to make a concerted effort to bypass it. This will save wear and tear on your dog’s joints and spine over time. Many cat can make the jump from floor to be easily, but they will also use the step when available. They tend to use the carpet for scratching!!

The step has a non-skid surface so your dog gets traction to jump onto the bed. The surface is medium brown outdoor carpet, which is beautiful, and goes well with each finish. It screws down (rather than using glue) for easy cleaning. It also vacuums very easily. Or, if you finish the Lookout yourself, you can easily get a matching color.

Made in The USA

One of the requirements for Lacey’s Lookout is that it is made in the US. The bed is made in Ironwood, Michigan and the furniture is made in Denver, Colorado. I am very particular about the raw materials used and the quality of product that is manufactured. By having the entire Lookout manufactured in the US, I can be assured that the quality of each Lookout is outstanding, and that you will be very pleased with your new Lookout.