The idea for Lacey’s Lookout started in 2007 when I would watch Lacey put her paws up on the front window sill to look out. Wouldn’t it be great to have a window seat for her so she could hop up there and just gaze out the window at all the goings-on in the front yard to her heart’s content (and not on the back of my couch).

I sat down at my computer to find the perfect window seat to order online. Nothing. No window seat existed on the market.

That got me thinking, I guess I’m going to have to build one myself. Over the next several years, I created makeshift window seats for her out of all kinds of furniture and bed or pad items. These hacks were eyebrow raisers to be sure in terms of aesthetics. But they were fine with me because I’m pragmatic, and my pets are truly my fur-kids (ie, I’d do just about anything for them).

All during this time I kept looking for the perfect window seat, and still nothing came on the market. Also during this time I co-founded a dog products ecommerce store called The Uncommon Dog, so I had access to all kinds of pet products, at wholesale prices no doubt. Still, no window seat.

In 2012 I sold my half of The Uncommon Dog because I wanted to really pursue the possibility of building a dog window seat for Lacey and for other dogs who love looking out windows (which would be just about every dog on the planet).

Not only did I want to design a window seat for dogs, I needed to design a beautiful piece of furniture with a beautiful bed on top that my customers would be proud to show off in their livings rooms or bedrooms in front of the best window in the house.

So I set out to design and build it myself (ahem, have someone who knows about furniture building build it from my chicken scratch design). It has been a 3-year, multi-iteration process. And I’m thrilled with the final product – Lacey’s Lookout.

Windowseat Picture

Every aspect of the design has been thoroughly thought through and engineered by me (with advice from furniture experts, of course). From the height of the bolsters on the bolster beds to the lip around the platform to help with bed stability.

The non-slip step surface, which is outdoor carpet, can be removed for cleaning or replacing when it wears out. It is attached with screws instead of glue, which would make it nearly impossible to remove.

The clincher is that I had to find a manufacturer that would make both the bed and the furniture in the United States. I know how important it is to have these types of items made in the US. The construction quality of Lacey’s Lookout is far superior to off-shore construction, and the raw materials, while not completely US-sourced, are the highest quality available and completely under my control. These quality factors were critical all along the way, and I made sure that every aspect of quality was considered.

You get the idea – every detail was thought through.

As a bonus -- once I got my first prototype, I realized that my cats also love it! Currently, I have a small and a medium in my front window overlooking the front yard, a medium in my bedroom, and another medium in the back family room. Lacey sometimes gets snubbed by the cats, who are pretty darn territorial when they want the comfort and viewing pleasure of a Lookout. There’s also a small one that sits beside the bed that one of the cats loves to sleep on. Close enough to being on the bed, but no danger of being rolled over on.

I truly hope you and your pet(s) enjoy Lacey’s Lookout. Lacey and I had a fantastic time designing it and making sure all the details are just perfect for you and your pet.